Company Profile

M2NET was born with the intention of making available to companies, professionals, governement and people, solutions in the field of Information Technology.
During the experience gained in the IT sector we understand that listening attentively to the problems of our customers is essential to find out the best solution: it is not important what we do know but what our customer needs!
M2NET provides the most advanced knowledges in the field of Information Technology adjusted from time to time to customer needs.
We are a team that has made the passion for Informatic and new technologies its profession. The university preparation has provided us with detailed knowledge that we have developed and implemented from a pratical point of view during the multiannual experience in this sector.

Viale Milano 17 - 36100 - Vicenza (VI) - Italy | Tel. (+39) 0444 902437 | Email | P.IVA 03245100247